• Hawaii Theatre Print for Mana Up Broadcast

    Hawaii Theatre Print for Mana Up Broadcast

    Through workshops, expert help, and leadership development, Mana Up offers a 12-week accelerator for Hawaii-based businesses to scale. The program culminates in a Product Showcase where graduating companies pitch their business to a crowd of hundreds. This year however, with social distancing in place, the product showcase took on a new format in the form of a global broadcast live from the historic Hawaii Theatre.
  • Kaimukī Print for the Historic Hawai’i Foundation

    Kaimukī Print for the Historic Hawai’i Foundation

    While I usually stick to mountains and beaches, I dove into a piece of town that is certainly worthy of every inch of nostalgia I could draw. I designed this print in collaboration with the Historic Hawaii Foundation. It was fascinating looking through 100 year old photos and learning about the the town's buildings, signage, and place in Honolulu history.
  • Hawai'i Artist Nick Kuchar's Vintage Moloka'i 2 O'ahu Race Art

    Moloka'i-2-O'ahu Race Art

    Established in 1997, the Moloka'i-2-O'ahu Paddleboard World Championship is the world's most challenging paddle race. The 32-mile race that begins on the northwest shore of the island of Moloka'i and ends in Maunalua Bay on O'ahu, is known as the fastest downwind route in the world. I was honored to create the art to embody this year's competition. 
  • Nick Kuchar Vintage Hawaii Ward Village Illustrations

    Forward Magazine Illustrations

    Ward Village puts out a quarterly lifestyle publication called the Forward Journal. For their most recent edition, I was interviewed about my life on island, my inspiration, and what I have in mind for the future. But they also asked me to create some illustrations for the cover and a few interior pages. 
  • Nick Kuchar Jamba Juice Surf Gift Cards

    Jamba Juice Holiday Gift Cards

    Drew these kooks for Jamba Juice Hawaii's holiday gift cards. For the smoothie/acai bowl fiends, I mean friends, in your life. It was a blast to create these fun illustrations to celebrate the holiday season with a tropical and also uniquely Hawaiian way. Complete with a party wave and tiny mango shakes.