• 2022 Hurley Pro Sunset Beach Contest Art

    2022 Hurley Pro Sunset Beach Contest Art

    As one of the most famous big wave surfing spots, Sunset Beach (Paumalū) has long been a proving ground for the world's best surfers. The sport of professional surfing was born in the 60's, and ever since Sunset has been the spot where surf careers are made or broken. I was honored to create the artwork for this year's event.
  • JuneShine Custom Can Art: Mango Daydream

    JuneShine Custom Can Art: Mango Daydream

    New year means new flavors coming fresh off the canning lines over at JuneShine which also means new artwork! They continue to blow me away with their seemingly endless stream of innovative, out there, and altogether delicious new flavor combinations. Enter Mango Daydream to the chat.
  • Hawaii artist post about JuneShine!

    JuneShine100 Variety Pack

    The fun with JuneShine continues! This summer they launched JuneShine100, a hard kombucha with just 100 calories, 1g of sugar, and 4.2% ABV for a drink that's guaranteed to keep you feeling good. To launch this special light version, they kicked it off with a 4-flavor variety pack. I had the wonderful opportunity to illustrate the can art for all four designs. 
  • Lear about the Mappy App from Nick Kuchar

    Snow Mappy App Illustrations

    Traded in my surfboards and waves for skis and slopes for this one! The surf community and ski/snowboard community have a lot in common, from big air to braving the elements. I created fun and playful illustrations for the app for everything from the onboarding to the menu.
  • All Nipon Airways HydroFlask

    ANA HydroFlask Illustration

    It was an honor to create fun and whimsical art for All Nippon Airways, one of the premier airlines from Japan to Hawaii. This art piece features the anticipation and excitement of a trip to Hawaii. A family aboard one of ANA’s Airbus’s is filled with elation as they are set to touch down at HNL.