nick kuchar handmade on oahu frames

Looking for tips for framing and hanging your prints from Nick Kuchar Art & Design Co.?

1)When you receive your order, your prints have likely been couped up like an NBA player flying in coach.  Gently unwrap the prints and give ’em some room to breathe!  Setting them on a flat surface with a beefy 1960’s encyclopedia on top works great.  Please avoid setting bricks, pets or other silly things on as this may damage your new art!

2)Your best bet for getting your surf art on the wall ASAP is to pick up one of our 12x18 handmade on Oahu frames from our shop.   We also love the look of 18 x 24 frames.  This would allow for a 3″ mat around the outside of the print.  You can’t go wrong with a simple framing profile and a white mat.  If you have a beach bungalow-type decor, bamboo frames are also very popular!  If you live on O’ahu, Pictures Plus locations carry 12 x 18 and 18 x 24 frames in three different finishes.

3)If you ordered a canvas gallery wrap or canvas teak scroll, lucky you; It doesn’t need a frame! Simply hang the art on the wall using picture hanging hooks or screws and skip to step 5!

4)Your new frames will probably have a picture hanging wire attached.  All you need to do is figure out the proper height you’d like the hang the eye (hint: eye level is a good start!) and tap in a hanging hook to the wall.  If you purchased multiple prints make sure they line up horizontally; a level works great for this (You don’t want your friends coming over wondering if you were blindfolded when you hung them, well, unless you are going for that avant-garde look.)

5)Paddle out for a quick surf or just sit back and think about what a great decision you made (mai tai in hand is optional.)



-Secure the backing board with framer's tape.  It's a great way to add an extra layer of protection to seal your art in the frame and protect from potential moisture or humidity.

-Hang it at eye level.  Ok so we know that your uncle Gary is 6'10"...when we say eye level we mean "average" eye the middle of the print at about 5' to 5'6".

-Avoid moisture.  In addition to not putting your framed art in the steam room we recommend avoiding areas that may not dry out quickly, like a unventilated bathroom.

-Avoid direct sunlight.  Nick's work is printed with utmost care regarding quality but it's best to prevent UV light from directly hitting the art for extended periods of time.