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nick kuchar hawaii surf artist


I'm an O‘ahu based artist who creates vintage inspired surf and travel art celebrating scenes of these Hawaiian islands we call home. Creating digital illustrations, screen printing and painting acrylics are a few of my favorite things. My creative process takes me throughout the islands where I look for inspiration paddling out at surf breaks and going on hikes. I take onsite sketches and photographs into my studio where I use a mix of acrylic washes and digital illustration to bring my vision of these locales to life.


My wife and I fell in love with Hawai‘i on a honeymoon in 2005 that turned in to an extended honeymoon. We found a vibrant community and an island ‘ohana to call home. Surfing has always been a part of who I am, from my days growing up in Florida to now paddling out with my twin toddlers at surf breaks around O‘ahu. After graduating from the primary colors, I attended Auburn University where I earned a degree in Industrial Design. Catching waves, spending time at the beach with my wife and twins, listening to Muddy Waters and driving my VW bus are a few of my favorite things. I’m inspired by the early days of surfing and beach culture, including the vintage color palette, typography, and nostalgia that goes with it. I’ve been blessed to have collaborated with Hurley, Hawaiian Airlines, and Jamba Juice to name a few. Most recently, I created a large terazzo floor for Turtle Bay Resort and design some cans for our friends over at Juneshine.

nick kuchar surf and travel artist from oahu


I've learned that the Hawaiian culture highly values the reciprocal relationship of giving and receiving.  My wife and I realize the significance of that mentality and value giving back to our community. We encourage everyone to get involved where they find their best fit.  We have been blessed by serving as licensed foster parents for the State of Hawaii, fostereing animals for the Hawaiian Humane Society and serving meals with the Institute of Human Services.  We partner financially with non-profits  Ho'ōla Nā Pua , Kupa ‘Āina Farm and Hui Ho‘omalu.



Back in 2010, My wife was looking for some wall decor for our apartment. She couldn't find the vintage styled travel art she envisioned in her head.  She asked me to illustrate some, which led to me visually explore some of our favorite spots in Hawai‘i.  Several boutiques and galleries started to take note of my work and my work started to become available in shops throughout the islands and beyond.  It's been such a blessing to be able to do what I love and I am beyond stoked when someone enjoys my work as much as I enjoyed creating it.  Aloha!

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