• Nick Kuchar SpamJam Hawaii Postcard

    Spam Jam Postcards

    Hawaii is the top consumer of Spam products worldwide. So it's only fitting with our love for Spam that we have a festival to celebrate it each year in Hawaii. SpamJam is such a fun event, so it was a joy to create a custom promotional postcard for Hawaii Magazine. 
  • Nick Kuchar Jamba Juice Surf Gift Cards

    Jamba Juice Holiday Gift Cards

    Drew these kooks for Jamba Juice Hawaii's holiday gift cards. For the smoothie/acai bowl fiends, I mean friends, in your life. It was a blast to create these fun illustrations to celebrate the holiday season with a tropical and also uniquely Hawaiian way. Complete with a party wave and tiny mango shakes. 
  • Nick Kuchar Vintage Maui Travel Print Grand Wailea

    Grand Wailea 25th Anniversary Print Series

    The Grand Wailea certainly lives up to it's name. Whether you've booked a stay and explored one of the nine, sparkling pools or just driven by the sprawling estate on your way to Big Beach, it's safe to say that it's become a staple since it opened on Maui. So I was so excited to memorialize the last 25 years for them with a series of three vintage-inspired travel posters.
  • Mid Pacific Institute - Hawaii Prep School

    Mid Pacific Institute Magazine Illustration

    Mid-Pacific Institute is a private school in the heart of O'ahu that is focused on bringing innovators, artists, and individuals through a technology-enabled immersive classroom environment to prepare them for the world around them. They were getting ready to introduce new classroom equipment to help kids learn, so I illustrated this cover for their monthly magazine.
  • Nick Kuchar Vintage Fathers Day Card

    Papyrus Father's Day Card

    Some people are just born with the natural ability to absolutely crush dad jokes. And here at Nick Kuchar Art & Design Co. we embrace those with this special talent. So I harnessed the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and the feeling of road tripping with pops in the Volkswagen and created this Father's Day card for sale at Papyrus.