• Walden Surfboard 50th Anniversary

    Walden 50th Anniversary Logo Laminate

    In 2015, Walden Surfboards celebrated fifty years in the business of making performance surfboards. For the occasion, they asked me to create a design package that included a logo laminate that was placed on boards to commemorate the occasion, as well as, digital assets like one at the bottom of this page.
  • Greenroom Festival Promo Art by Nick Kuchar

    Greenroom Festival Promotional Artwork

    Greenroom Festival is a one-of-a-kind festival that takes place in Hawaii and Japan each year. For starters, it's a festival that is put on by a gallery, and not just any gallery - one that exclusively supports surf art. So I was pumped to be asked to create the promotional artwork for the 2015 Greenroom Festival Hawaii
  • Mid Pacific Institute - Hawaii Prep School

    Mid Pacific Institute Magazine Illustration

    Mid-Pacific Institute is a private school in the heart of O'ahu that is focused on bringing innovators, artists, and individuals through a technology-enabled immersive classroom environment to prepare them for the world around them. They were getting ready to introduce new classroom equipment to help kids learn, so I illustrated this cover for their monthly magazine.
  • Hobie Tee Design

    Hobie Tee Designs

    Whether you surf, SUP, sail, kayak, or fish, you're probably familiar with the legacy of Hobie Alter. Hobie  created the first surf shop in Southern California in the 1950's and revolutionized the sport with the first polyurethane foam surfboard and went on to transform sailing as well with their best-selling Hobie Cat.
  • Nick Kuchar Vintage Fathers Day Card

    Papyrus Father's Day Card

    Some people are just born with the natural ability to absolutely crush dad jokes. And here at Nick Kuchar Art & Design Co. we embrace those with this special talent. So I harnessed the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and the feeling of road tripping with pops in the Volkswagen and created this Father's Day card for sale at Papyrus.