• Duke Kahanamoku Foundation

    Duke Kahanamoku Foundation

    In 1957, Duke Kahanamoku was featured on “This is Your Life,” a show where guests were surprised by the host with visits from friends and colleagues, and a retrospective of their lives. It’s a fantastic episode that truly shows Duke’s...

  • Sunrise Shack x Kuchar

    Sunrise Shack x Kuchar

    The Sunrise Shack eminates vibes of positivity and ocean breezes! I created a design for tee, tote, sticker and screen printed 150 limited edition 11x14 prints.  *Shop the collection here.* Mahalo to Travis and the crew at Sunrise Shack for...

  • Royal Hawaiian Resort Guava White Chocolate Bar

    Royal Hawaiian Resort Guava White Chocolate Bar

    My art for the Pink Palace of the Pacific was featured on the new Guava White Chocolate Bar available at the Royal Hawaiian Resort Waikiki.  Yum!

  • Hurley x Nick Kuchar

    Hurley x Nick Kuchar

    I was blessed with the opportunity to create a collection for Hurley....wait wahhht?  14 year old Nick can't believe it. What a fun ride creating the Secret Spot Collection for the good folks at Hurley. Clothing collaborations are always unique...

  • Strangers HQ

    Strangers HQ

    Strangers HQ is a generative PFP project created by myself and Collective Strangers. Strangers is utilizing blockchain technology to enhance the ever expanding travel space. This whimsical collection of characters is an ode to exploration and finding meaning in shared...