• JuneShine Custom Can Art (Chili Mango & Grapefruit Paloma)

    JuneShine Custom Can Art (Chili Mango & Grapefruit Paloma)

    New JuneShine packaging, but make it spicy. JuneShine continues to take the country by storm with they're ever-evolving, endlessly delicious hard kombucha. This summer is no exception. To kick off the season, JuneShine released two new punch-packing flavors that I was fortunate to help illustrate.
  • JuneShine Summer Can Art

    JuneShine Summer Can Art

    Nothing says summer like an ice-cold beverage so let's talk can art! If you recall, I've previously had the opportunity to work with the awesome folks at JuneShine on artwork for several of their hard kombucha flavors. Since creating the artwork for Blood Orange Mint and Honey Ginger Lemon, these kombucha brew masters have been busy coming up with new (and incredibly tasty) flavors. 
  • Nick Kuchar Mid Century Modern Logo

    Hawaii Modern Brand Identity

    If you're into mid-century modern furniture and live in Hawaii, chances are you've heard of Hawaii Modern. John and his team buy, restore, and resell authentic goods of old. I'm a fan of all things mid-century as you may have guessed, so I was stoked to create a logo that fit their brand and personality.
  • Nick Kuchar vintage Waikiki bar branding

    The SplashBar Rebrand

    Built on land that was once the estate of Hawaii's last and most beloved princess, the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani is a garden oasis in the heart of Waikiki. When they wanted to rebrand their pool bar, they came to me to create a fresh look. One that was inspired by the Polynesian Tiki roots that have plenty of history in Waikiki. 
  • Ono Cold Brew Coffee

    Ono Gelato & Espresso Coffee Packaging

    'Ono is the Hawaiian word for 'delicious' and that is exactly what this quaint gelato espresso bar on Front St. in Lahaina, Maui serves up. Ono Gelato Company is no stranger to serving up delicious treats, but when they wanted to put out a new line of coffee beans and cold brew, they came to me for some branding help.