• nick-kuchar-vintage-surf-hat

    New Coconut Grove Hats

    New Coconut Grove Trucker Hats with a modern vintage take on the Coconut Groves of Hawaii are now available for purchase! My incredibly talented actor friends helped me with this informercial to show you the many ways you'll use these hats.
  • nick-kuchar-art-at-haleiwa-arts-festival

    2017 Haleiwa Arts Festival Recap

    One of our favorite events each year, the Haleiwa Arts Festival is full of North Shore goods and goodness. This year, I debuted some new modern vintage prints including China Man's Hat, and also debuted a new booth set-up featuring Haleiwa girl.
  • nick-kuchar-booth-at-kailua-artisan-fair

    2017 Kailua Artisan Fair Recap

    We got the chance to head over to the windward side to take part in the Kailua Artisan Fair. Great weather and an awesome turnout made for the perfect day to chat about our love for Hawaii and show off this new Kaneohe Sand Bar Print.
  • Greenroom Gallery Art Exhibition

    Greenroom Gallery Art Exhibition Recap

    What an awesome time catching up with old friends and meeting new ones! I was honored to exhibit my art on April 27th at Greenroom Gallery in Waikiki at the International Marketplace. Also joining us was super talented resin artist Bree Poort. I released the new "Sunset Beach Wahine" print, a North Shore Oahu themed print with some tasty subtle reds and blues.
  • Hawaiian Islands Retro Tote Bag

    New Hawaiian Islands Map Tote

    New Hawaiian Islands Tote is now available for purchase! I was thinking about upping my advertising game by hiring a bunch of big shot actors from Hollywood, but then realized I had friends with Oscar-caliber talent in my very own neighborhood. If this informercial doesn't convince you, I'm not quite sure what will.