2017 Haleiwa Arts Festival Recap

When designing Hawaiian art for our home expanded from a favor for my wife to a full-fledged business, art festivals always offered a great opportunity to get my name out and introduce myself and my work to a lot of people. The 20th Annual Haleiwa Arts Festival was a fun reminder that these days we've got people coming to check out the latest prints or to pick up more to add to their existing collection.


It seemed to be our busiest event to date and there was no shortage of catching up with loyal customers and friends. Chinaman's Hat made it's printed debut, The Haleiwa ukulele wahine got a permanent fixture on our booth, and some pretty rad hats also stepped into the spotlight (stay tuned for more on that next week)!



Thanks again to the organizers for all their hard work, the awesome food vendors that kept us fed (is there anything better than 20 food trucks 50 ft. from you at all times? we think not), and to everyone who came out to check out the booth and say aloha! If you missed one of our sold out prints at the fest, you can get them here, here, and here


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