• Nick Kuchar At The Made In Hawaii Festival 2015

    Made In Hawaii Festival 2015

    Big mahalos to everyone that came by our booth for the Made in Hawaii festival!  We showed off a couple new items, had a rad sticker contest and gave out some freebies. See you next year!
  • Nick Kuchar's Under The Sun Gallery Show

    Under The Sun

    Come on out to Waikiki for an evening of art and fun! June 21st, 2014 6-9pm I’ll be having a gallery show at the new Greenroom Hawaii (located inside the Sheraton Waikiki). See you there!
  • Jake

    Leaves That Are Green

    It was the Fall of 2003, my Senior year of college at Auburn, and I arrived at a girl’s apartment to pick her up for a date. She wasn’t ready yet and asked if I would walk her dog before we left. So, I put the dog’s leash on him and proceeded to sprint down three levels of stairs to a grassy area where I spent about 15 seconds letting him relieve himself.