• Welcome to Nick Kuchar Art & Design Co.!

    Welcome to Nick Kuchar Art & Design Co.!

    Welcome to our new shop! After five years as "Everything is Jake!" we've decided to change things up a bit. Going forward our company will be known as "Nick Kuchar Art & Design Co.". This fits in line with Nick's vision moving forward as a brand and we look forward to continuing to offer super rad Hawaii-centric art and illustration along with excellent customer service and order fulfillment. 
  • Jake

    Leaves That Are Green

    It was the Fall of 2003, my Senior year of college at Auburn, and I arrived at a girl’s apartment to pick her up for a date. She wasn’t ready yet and asked if I would walk her dog before we left. So, I put the dog’s leash on him and proceeded to sprint down three levels of stairs to a grassy area where I spent about 15 seconds letting him relieve himself.