• Nick Kuchar art Collaboration mural painting haleiwa

    Nick & Hazel Mural Collaboration!

    I asked my daughter Hazel to help me paint a mural for the Hale‘iwa Arts Festival. She has shown an interest in art since a really young age and she was stoked to be asked to help! What a fun...

  • Nick Kuchar 2019 Events

    Upcoming Event Schedule

    Want to see the full collection of prints and pick up and feel one before you buy? Come see us at one of our many events this year. The full list of festivals, markets, and gallery signings are listed here.
  • Let's Paint a Shop Sign!

    Let's Paint a Shop Sign!

    Let's paint a sign! Now I am not the most accomplished sign painter but if you know me you know I'm always up for a challenge! This one's special because I have some wood shelving passed down from my uncle's...

  • 2023 Gift Guide

    2023 Gift Guide

    Aloha! Rachel Kuchar here. Gift giving is really an art—trying to find a gift that your loved one will enjoy or connect with. One of my favorite strategies of gift giving is “favorite things” (yes, Oprah may have beat me...

  • Watch: Nick Kuchar at Creative Mornings HNL

    Watch: Nick Kuchar at Creative Mornings HNL

    Honored to have had the chance to speak on the topic of "Sanctuary" last month at Creative Mornings Honolulu. I love being surrounded by other creatives talking art, process, and entrepreneur journeys.