Turtle Bay Resort Oahu's Terrazzo Floor Illustration

Turtle Bay Resort North Shore Terrazzo Floor Illustration


Turtle Bay Resort

Turtle Bay Resort, a North Shore landmark since 1973, re-opened this week after a year-long renovation of nearly every aspect of the hotel experience. Coming out of a difficult year, Turtle Bay's renovation focused on deepening guest's connection to the North Shore's outdoor adventure and rich surf culture. 

In that spirit, I was asked to illustrate a piece of custom terrazzo flooring that featured the nostalgia and magic of the North Shore. The illustration features several of the best surf breaks along the 'Seven Mile Miracle' that leads to the resort, including spots like Waimea Bay, Pipeline, and Sunset Beach.

Nick Kuchar North Shore illustration for Turtle Bay Resort

The piece greets visitors as they walk up to the reception desk in the completely redesigned lobby. It is a custom waterjet-cut terrazzo tile that is a focal as visitors move about the lobby. 

Be sure to visit the newly renovated Turtle Bay Resort on your next trip up north, and enjoy the opportunity to dive deep into what makes the fabled North Shore so special.

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