Big Island Coffee Roasters Gift Box

Big Island Coffee Roasters Gift Box


Big Island Coffee Roasters

If there's one thing that hasn't slowed in 2020, it's coffee consumption. Whether it was figuring out how to pivot and survive when the islands closed to outside visitors or working through the logistics of opening our own brick and mortar store, coffee has been there to fuel us every step of the way. Which made working on this custom illustrated box for Big Island Coffee Roaster's Holiday Gift Set a fitting tribute to the year.

I first met Kelleigh and Brandon of Big Island Coffee Roasters in the fall of 2018 when we were both selected for the same cohort as a part of Hawaii's business accelerator, Mana Up. We quickly connected and have been fans of each other's businesses ever since. 

The Hawaiian Coffee Tasters Box is the work of two small businesses and five local coffee farmers here in the islands and it was shipped all over the world to coffee lovers looking to get a taste of delicious Hawaiian coffee.

Nick Kuchar x Big Island Coffee Roasters Custom Box Illustration

Each box contained coffees from several of the islands, so I worked to highlight a map of the major Hawaiian islands on the outside of the box and incorporated a map of the Big Island on the inside of the box to help tasters recognize the regions from which their cup hailed. Big Island Coffee Roasters has always shown impeccable detail on their packaging, so we worked to design a box that honored that tradition combined with my signature retro style. The illustration also highlights the things that make Hawaiian coffee one of a kind: the sun and the land. 

Nick Kuchar Custom Box Design for Big Island Coffee Roasters

These gift sets sold out fast, but to you can visit their website to enjoy any of their other delicious coffees. What's in my cup each morning you ask? The Kona Bloom. 

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