2022 Gift Guide

2022 Gift Guide

Aloha! Rachel Kuchar here. Gift giving is really an art, trying to find a gift that your loved one will enjoy or connect with. One of my favorite strategies of gift giving is “favorite things” (yes, Oprah may have beat me to it). These are all products that I personally have or Hawaii made (insert clapping hands) companies that are my favorites. And of course, a beautiful travel print or canvas giclee with a locally sourced & made frame of a favorite beach/hike/vacation is a great backup plan ;)

Dad, Grandpa, Uncles...

From mauka to makai we got them covered! Awesome dry bags, fins (a staple in our garage), coffee, hats (seeing Nick without one is a rare sighting), and more!

Dry bag, Kona coffee, party wave hat

1. T&C Surf Hana Pa'a 2L Dry Bag ($15) | Available here.

Perfect for day tripping offshore.

2. Top Rated Kona Peaberry Coffee ($27) | Available here.

We have yet to do a gift guide without mentioning this coffee from our good friends at Big Island Coffee Roasters. That's how delicious we think it is. Year after year this is a great gift. And if he needs a sweet insulated to-go cup, check this one out.

3. Let's Party Wave Snapback Hat ($35) | Available here.

Because waves are better when shared with friends.

Golf shoes, fins, Hawaiian playing cards

4. Wai‘alae Leather Golf Shoes ($160) | Available here.

These waterproof leather shoes from Olukai are made for max comfort and max performance and they do not disappoint in either area.

5. Pro Signature M.C. Amber Fins ($75) | Available here.

Our favorite fins, this M.C. Amber is the signature colorway of veteran lifeguard and world champion bodysurfer, Mark Cunningham.

6. Hawaiian Style Playing Cards ($10) | Available here.

The perfect add-on or stocking stuffer, these awesome cards will take any gift to the next level.

7. Vintage Chain Stitch Jacket ($475) | Available here.

I can't guarantee this one will last, but if you're looking for something truly one-of-a-kind, Nick has a few of his collaboration pieces with the Honolulu Social Club still available. Nick's original artwork is chain stitched onto vintage Vietnam-era military jackets and they're the epitome of cool.


Mom, Tutu, Sistahs, Aunties...

Give them something sweet like a floral longboard fin (I have one on my board & on the wall), pikake perfume, or ocean inspired jewelry. My other fav is our own Surfer Towels, I can pack 5 towels easy peasy in my beach bag (or more likely my beach chair, I’m a pack mule at the beach lol).

Necklace, hip pack, fin, perfume, water bottle

1. Golden Sunrise Small Shell Necklace ($44) | Available here.

14K gold-filled + 14K gold-dipped, trust me, she'll like it.

2. Kalapana Mini Hip Pack ($42) | Available here.

A cute and functional solution to carrying her essentials on beach days.

3. Pikake Perfume Roll-on Oil ($32) | Available here.

This is a favorite, but all of the scents by Malie Organics are wonderful!

4. Floral Longboard Fin ($100) | Available here.

As gorgeous on the wall as it is in the water.

5. Let's Go Surf ($55) | Available here.

A whimsical water bottle for the one who is always toting the keiki to the beach.


Keiki favs...

Winter is upon us (finally). So put on the bed comforter & break out the wetsuits! 

kids wetsuits, baseball tees, and water shorts

1. Natural Rubber Wetsuit ($70) | Available here.

I have 3 of these zip up wetsuit kid tops, they’re awesome!

2. Kids Pono Tee ($30) | Available here.

Ultra-soft baseball tees perfect for fall in Hawaii.

3. Kid's Board Watershorts ($40) | Available here.

We also love the easy elastic bands of these board shorts for the littles.

Transparent ukulele and a pineapple kids apron

4. Waterman Sea Glass Ukulele  ($29) | Available here.

And this ukulele is great to throw in your bag for a beach jam sesh or to let your kids learn on.

5. Rainbow Shave Ice Keiki Apron ($29) | Available here.

For all ages we have these cute aprons.


Mission Impossible...

For the one that has it all or if you just need a small omiyage for a holiday party, here are a few items that are sure to bring smiles.

prints, washi tape, plant sack, room scent

1. Choose 3 Travel Prints ($78) | Available here.

Know their favorite beach or snorkel spot? They'll love a thoughtful gift that celebrates the beauty of the islands

2. Anuenue Washi Box Set ($24) | Available here.

I love using my washi tape for gifts & notes.

3. Traditional Chichi Dango (varies) | Available here.

And no words are needed for nisshodo mochiya (drooling)

4. Fabric Sax Plant ($34) | Available here.

Screen printed and hand-sown in Honolulu, these are a sweet gift to bring joy to anyone's home. 

5. Island Ambience Gift Set ($81) | Available here.

Transforms any space into a tropical paradise.



Don’t forget the pets! Dress up your fur-baby with a cute bandana (& score a matching shirt for yourself) or give a local kine dog toy.

pet toy, pet bandana, pet treat

1. Pet Bandana ($14) | Available here.

Only the most stylish of accessories will do for our four-legged friends.

2. Dis-n-Bark Dog Toy ($20) | Available here.

Because why should humans get all the Hawaiiana?

3. Decorated Cookie Box ($13) | Available here.

When in doubt, a good ol' fashioned peanut butter treat never fails.

Still stumped? Check out last year's guide for even more ideas!

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