Wave Sliders NFT Collection available on Foundation

Wave Sliders NFT Collection available on Foundation

I've been learning about web3 and educating myself on the NFT market for a while now...like with most new things, there's a sense of uncertainty.  Doing new things and putting yourself out there can be scary!  I grew up collecting baseball cards with my dad and nowadays I hunt for vintage Hawaiiana and other vintage treasures. The idea of another collectible frontier in a digital space piqued my interest from day 1. Two things that have stuck out to me is 1: the excitement of something new that values artists and their creations and 2: the importance of creating community.  Community is something I am big proponent of in our Hawaii art community and anywhere I see the ethos of building up others around you in your field I get excited. 

I felt it was finally time to jump into the deep end and offer 5 fun pieces for collectors in my genesis collection "Wave Sliders."  I couldn't think of a better selection of pieces that embody who am than these.  Surfing has been a part of who I am for as long as I can remember. From spending time in the water with my then girlfriend to paddling out now with our three kids, to making a career out of creating surf art, It is woven into so many milestones in my life. Like many others I am drawn to the ocean. I am drawn to the lifestyle, the scenic inspiration and the idea of a wave being a blank canvas on which to draw your own lines. I am proud to share this collection of 5 “Wave Sliders” in hopes that we may all find connection over a shared stoke.

Bidding starts at 1 ETH

A physical commemorative print #1 of the limited edition goes to the auction winner (12"x12").


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