Parks Project Parklands of Hawaii Tee

Parks Project Parklands of Hawaii Tee


Parks Project

“A grove of giant redwood or sequoias should be kept just as we keep a great and beautiful cathedral." - Teddy Roosevelt

You didn't think I could write about the National Parks without quoting Teddy Roosevelt did you?! Well just like Teddy, the great folks at the Parks Project believe it's our responsibility to promote, protect, and preserve public lands. Parks Project sells t-shirts, artwork, and accessories featuring National Park artwork, and every purchase supports conservation projects and volunteer hours in parklands all over the US.

And just like Teddy and the folks at the Park Project, "Mālama 'Āina" is a traditional Hawaiian value that dictates that we respect and take care of the land. So with all of that in mind and not to mention my own soft spot for getting lost in the mountains, it was a thrill to create the first Parks Project tshirt dedicated to the Parklands of Hawaiʻi. 

Nick Kuchar Parks Project Hawaii Parklands Tee 

The front is a postcard-esque greeting featuring the Hawaiian state plant and staple to Hawaiian culture: the kale (taro) plant. The back of the tee sports a hand-drawn map of the islands, with call-outs to each of the national parks in the state. Hawaiʻi has eight National Parks in total, some historical (including Pearl Harbor) and some natural. This map celebrates the natural National Parks, from the occasionally snow-covered slopes of Haleakalā to the lava flows of Volcanoes National Park. 

I hope you’ll grab one and toss it on your back for the next time you go for a walk, skip, or jump in the park. Available for purchase here.

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