12/15/21: Secondary Colors EP.9: Distil Union's Kickstarter Advice & How To Battle Burnout

This week's holiday episode of Secondary Colors features Distil Union's Nate Justiss & Lindsay Windham (https://distilunion.com) and focuses on the keys to a successful Kickstarter campaign and advice on what to do when creative burnout rears its ugly head. Nick & Tracey also discuss new holiday items available at the Nick Kuchar Art & Design Co. and the importance of giving back to those in need when you can, regardless the season.

Mahalo as always to our Producer Dale Rutledge (http://www.instagram.com/TheWalkingDale)!

Broadcast from Nick Kuchar's Art Studio in beautiful Kailua Town, O'ahu, Hawaii.

Resources & Show Notes:

Nate's picks: 

Lindsay's picks:
Here's the Kickstarter How-To Zine "Getting Stuff Out of Your Head and Into the World" by Craighton Berman.

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