1/1/22 Secondary Colors Episode 10: The Long And Winding Road to 2022

Happy New Year, friends! We're kicking off 2022 with Episode 10, and our producer (former FOX Sports host) Dale's got a mic?! Nick, Tracey & Dale reflect on their varied careers over the past 25 years and what brought them to where they are today.  This episode contains practical advice about merchandising your art and tips on how to treat a new year as a jumping point to new goals.  They dive into how opportunities don't always have the potential they seem and why you can learn more from a job you can't stand versus one you love.  This episode has it all, folks, chicken barns, spilling food in customer's laps and moving across the country for Pamela Anderson.  All this and more on Secondary Colors with Nick Kuchar and Friends!


Mahalo as always to our Producer Dale Rutledge (@thewalkingdale)

Broadcast from Nick Kuchar Shop in beautiful Kailua Town, O'ahu, Hawaii.

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