Nick Kuchar Vintage Map Illustration for Ward Village

Mapping the Ward Village


Ward Village 

Ward Village is a five-mall shopping complex with more than 130 stores, 40 eateries, and a 16-screen theatre in downtown Honolulu. It also happens to be home for hundreds of people. So how do you make cutting edge, LEED certified high-rises feel like a village? You bring people together through arts, culture, community activities, and in this case a delightfully vintage map of all the goodness a village can hold. 

I was asked to create this map for Ward Village's publication that all of the residents receive about the area. It lays out the location of each of the buildings and roads while hinting at the kinds of activities residents can expect around the block. And when you shrink the buildings and focus on the people, the village gets a whole lot cozier.  

Nick Kuchar Vintage Map Illustration of Ward Village, Honolulu

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