10/15/21: Secondary Colors EP.5: Weathering the Pandemic

(10/15/2021): Nick & Tracey discuss the emotional rollercoaster that the entire world has experienced at the hands of the COVID-19 pandemic and what they've personally learned from it so far. From the hurdles they've overcome to the many grateful moments they found along the way (Nick's newborn son! A new shop and uncrowded surf!). Tracey provides some useful advice on steps you can easily apply to your work today to get your creative ventures growing. Nick also discusses the difficulties of time management, weathering the trials and tribulations of mental health in these strange days and the toll that making daily "survival decisions" can have on any business owner during our ever changing times. All this and more in episode 5 of Secondary Colors!

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Mahalo as always to our producer Dale Rutledge!

Broadcast from Nick Kuchar Shop in beautiful Kailua Town, Oahu

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