APRIL 2023- Episode 25 - All About Freelance Design Pricing with Jaz from Jasmine Designs

Pricing our work can be one of the most difficult things in our daily process...it doesn't have to be!  Take advice from Nick & Jaz's about becoming a confident freelancer in this conversation geared toward empowering creatives.  Jaz offers a free pricing calculator on her website & encourages our listeners to know their worth. She also gives tips on how to move their business forward.  The duo discuss drafting up a contract, getting your project off on the right foot and getting yourself in a mindset for growth. It's time for episode 25!

Jaz on insta @yourpricingqueen

More about Jaz and a free pricing calculator available at 

Recorded at Nick Kuchar Shop in sunny Kailua Town, Hawai‘i. 


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