Hurley x Nick Kuchar Sand Tee Shirt

$ 29.95
$ 29.95


Exclusive art from O‘ahu artist and surfer Nick Kuchar comes to life on a soft and flattering midweight cotton in the EVERYDAY KUCHAR RIGHT POINT SHORT SLEEVE SHIRT.

"Secret Spot” a collection for Hurley by Nick Kuchar

We all have an idyllic vision in our head of the “Secret Spot”. A place off the beaten path, undiscovered and untouched by day to day hustle. A place to spend special moments with your favorite people. As surfers and adventurers we’re always on the hunt for those all time conditions to align...perfect wave, perfect conditions, perfect place, perfect time. My “Secret Spot” collection celebrates this feeling that life is short and time is best spent on experiences and relationships. Whether you embody this lifestyle or crave it while you’re stuck in traffic on a Friday at rush hour we can all relate. My hope is you’ll grab a piece from this collection and it’ll remind you to take the long way home, to find a bit of margin in your schedule, to embrace your natural surroundings and the emotional connections that make life great.

  • 100% Cotton.