Nick Kuchar SpamJam Hawaii Postcard

Spam Jam Postcards


Hawaii Magazine

Hawaii is the top consumer of Spam products worldwide. If you've ever visited, you've probably seen Spam musabi in ABC Stores and 7/11's all over the state. Or maybe you've even sipped your Mai Tai out of a Spam Can, which was clean, we hope. So it's only fitting with our love for Spam that we have a festival to celebrate it each year in Hawaii. SpamJam is such a fun event, so it was a joy to create a custom promotional postcard for Hawaii Magazine. 

These limited edition beach bums were handed out to festival goers in between bites of spam fries, spam monkey bread, spam pizza, spam burgers, and yes, spam crackle. 

Nick Kuchar Vintage Waikiki Postcard

Top photo courtesy of @mattdknf

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